The 5 pillars of weight loss

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The 5 pillars of weight loss

Losing weight is often seen as a chore or a period of overwhelming restrictions and efforts. While it doesn’t have to be.

I wanted to talk to you here about the 5 pillars to be effective with your weight loss

  • Regulate your emotions and understand its mechanisms

Chronic stress, anxiety, negative emotions lead to weight gain. Either because we eat too much, or because our body goes into a particular state which causes it to store calories, to face real or imagined dangers. Our minds are very strong, so understand our emotions and why you put on excess weight “armor”.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. It is he who allows resistance to the stresses of life. If your environment is stressing you out or your adaptability is sluggish, you are producing too much cortisol. Too much cortisol also means weight gain because it changes the storage of sugar, reduces muscle mass, changes the storage of water and fluids in the body.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, sugars may be responsible for your difficulty. They hide everywhere, and consumed in too large quantities, they inevitably make you gain weight.

Stopping sugar can be particularly difficult because it has a much higher addictive power than fat. But there are solutions to stop the sugar and get back in a few weeks. I tell you about it in my La Reprise program.

  • Eliminate as much as possible carbohydrates and starches

Whether in the form of sugar or starch, all carbohydrates end up in the body as glucose. With a starch like brown rice, it takes less time than pure sugar, that’s all.

When you consume carbohydrates, you increase your blood sugar level, and therefore insulin. It is a repair, building … but also storage hormone. Every time you eat starchy foods or sugar, you are telling your body to store it. When it’s in storage mode, it’s not in destocking mode, it’s one or the other.

  • Have a physical activity

It goes without saying, but it is not mandatory. Diet is the priority, but adding some physical activity to it will help speed up weight loss and muscle gain, to get the shape you want. There is no need to exercise intensively, a little on a regular basis is already sufficient.

For example, you can do 10 minutes of skipping rope or walk 30 minutes every day is already sufficient, or even better 20 to 30 minutes of HIIT is my recommendation. Lots of results in little time.

Being happy while eating is a prerequisite for losing weight. Eat without pleasure and you are missing out. This is the big difference between the French and American food models. The good slimming tips to lose weight effortlessly, these are not rules to be drastically followed like in a drastic diet. To lose weight effortlessly, without depriving yourself, just change the way you eat. Not in frustration, but on the contrary with pleasure, fully enjoying the foods you love, listening to you and enjoying a new well-being!

Just wait until you are hungry before eating: find that feeling of hunger when your body signals you that you need energy, for example gurgling in your stomach, a feeling of weakness. Don’t submit to any predetermined constraints or habits (“it’s breakfast time”) without going hungry!

Then eat without guilt, without forbidding yourself any food, without starting to count calories. Because deprivation breeds frustration, the risk of unwanted cravings, snacking and various cracks.