Why am I getting fat during my period?

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Alert! The English land … Every month or so, it’s the same old story. Feeling like you’re bloated, bloated and gained weight when your period comes. Is it an impression or a reality? And above all, what to do to limit weight gain during your period?

Is it true that you get fat during your period?

Factually, yes, and in different ways, depending on the woman and the metabolism.

On the scale

We generally see in women a weight gain that can vary between 1 and 3 extra pounds on the scale. This is an average, but overall this phenomenon is noticeable in all menstruating women, to varying degrees. In the midst of a diet, it is truly depressing. All the efforts of the past few weeks seem to have come to nothing.

pourquoi je grossis pendant les règles ?

In her clothes

The button of jeans that no longer closes, the tropézienne sandals that are too tight … These are the consequences of water retention and digestive bloating. It may even happen that some of us have to take a size larger than our usual size during menstruation.

In the mirror

While it’s not a myth that gaining weight during periods is not a myth, hormones also affect your mood. You are therefore not necessarily in a period conducive to an objective judgment of yourself in front of a mirror. Avoid looking too critical of yourself these days, you will only feel better!

Why do you gain weight during your period?

So it’s an established fact: yes, our bodies get bigger during menstruation. But, then why this phenomenon?

Hormonal functioning of the menstrual cycle

The levels of progesterone and estrogen vary during the menstrual cycle. At the start of the cycle, the body prepares for a possible pregnancy by secreting estrogen. Around day 14, ovulation takes place, triggering the production of progesterone. If it does not result in fertilization, the level of these hormones drops at the end of the cycle and causes the onset of menstruation.

Progesterone, a major contributor to weight gain

It is indeed the surge in progesterone that causes you to gain weight during your period. The second part of the cycle aims to promote the implantation of a possible embryo. Also, this hormone tends to promote cravings and water retention. This is why weight gain is most often seen before periods, not during them.

Hormonal dysfunction, a possible cause of overweight

It can also happen that a hormonal imbalance is the cause of excessive weight gain at the end of the cycle. Also, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor for a hormonal dosage. Depending on the result, he will be able to prescribe a treatment if necessary to rebalance all this.

What solutions to limit weight gain before your period?

There are several ways to limit as much as possible the pounds on the scale during this period. Here are mes tips:

Prevent water retention

For that, no miracle: you have to drink, a lot! It may seem surprising, but on the contrary, the more you drink, the more you eliminate. So on the program: minimum 1.5 liters of water per day. thé also matters. Some teas even have more particularly diuretic properties, ideal for eliminating as much as possible. Also remember to finish your shower with a jet of cold water to stimulate blood circulation.

pourquoi je grossis pendant les règles ?

Eat a healthy and adapted diet

It goes without saying that it is not by giving in to cravings that you will lose weight … Also, eat a diet rich in nutrients and fiber, to promote good transit. Limit your intake of salt as much as possible and of ready-made meals, which are also high in salt. (We recommend to athletes testosteron tabletten kaufen) Also favor foods rich in vitamin B6, which has the property of regulating the metabolism. Avocados are also to be favored, rich in potassium, they help eliminate. Omega 3 and essential fatty acids present in nuts and nuts also help in good hormonal regulation.

Practice regular physical activity

It cannot be said enough, sport is good for the body and the soul. Walking for even 30 minutes a day can be life-changing, even for those who don’t like sports . It will stimulate blood circulation, promote good transit, and regulate your mood. Very interesting assets to avoid putting on weight before your period, and to regulate your weight in the long term.

In conclusion, while it is true that you gain weight before your period, it is not inevitable. A healthy lifestyle and a few simple actions to limit water retention allow you to best balance weight throughout the cycle. This will prevent excessive weight variations due to menstruation.