What to eat to have abs?

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What to eat to have abs?

We would all like to display toned abs and a flat stomach. This is mainly for aesthetic reasons: to appear slimmer, to have a perfect figure, to tuck more easily into your jeans or to show off more proudly in your bikini at the beach.

But beyond this purely aesthetic aspect, having abs is also of great interest for our health. Indeed, it is well known that the abdominal muscles play a role in blood circulation, breathing, maintenance and digestion.

So, how do you get a flat and nicely designed abdominal structure? We talk about it in this article.

How to get abs when you’re a woman?

Having beautiful, sculpted abs is easier than you think. To achieve this goal, all you really need to do are a few small, well-targeted physical exercises, in addition to following a rich, healthy and varied diet program.

When it comes to exercise, there are several ways you can work your core strap while exercising at home or in the gym. I can cite as an example, classic abdominal exercises, weight and leg deadlifts, cycling, cardio training, plank, etc. The ideal will be to work your abs for about 30 minutes and have training sessions at least 3 to 5 days a week.

Obviously, all these exercises will have no effect, if on the side you do not follow a balanced diet to lose weight in the stomach.

What should you eat to lose weight on your stomach?

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Certain foods are ruthless and staunch allies against extra pounds and bloating. But the golden rule that we cannot repeat enough is that you have to eat in accordance with your feelings to have a firm and flat stomach. The goal here will therefore be to change old eating habits and especially to consume less refined sugars.

Protein can also be a part of a diet to lose belly fat. Opting for a diet rich in protein during your diet, will allow you in particular to break with cravings and therefore unwanted snacking which are real enemies of a flat stomach. You will find them in meats (especially white meats: chicken, turkey), fish (salmon, halibut, anchovies, etc.) eggs as well as all vegetable proteins.

To vary your diet, you can also include these few foods that are true allies of a flat stomach: ginger, lemon, melon, pineapple, green vegetables, avocado , cucumber…

What to do to lose belly fat?

Over the years, many have not escaped the bulges that settle in the belly. And the causes which make that over time, fat sets in and makes the belly swollen are quite numerous: childbirth, bloating, too sweet and too fatty food, reduction in physical activity, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, stress , fatigue, excess calories, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

To solve this problem, several solutions can be considered. First of all, there is the Ayurvedic diet. Overall, these should aim to limit the consumption of sugars, fats and starches on a daily basis. After that, there is also sport for the icing on the cake.

What in particular can you drink to lose belly? To lose weight on your stomach, you should drink lukewarm water regularly before breakfast: this facilitates gastrointestinal washing and therefore the rapid elimination of toxins. You can also take lemon juice: lemon is a natural detoxifier that burns fat and suppresses hunger; for this, it will be a perfect ally in your diet.

Apart from lemon juice, there are herbal teas which are also very effective in belly loss: ginger infusion, cinnamon infusion, green tea, infusion of Yerba Maté… All this will be accompanied by some anti-cellulite massages on the stomach (kneading belly massage, palpated rolled belly massage), and the application on the belly before going to bed in the evening, of certain massage oils : climbing ivy poultice, and grapefruit massage oil, etc.

What to eat to get abs?

Everyone’s got abs and training them is a great thing. But what you need to know is that nutrition is the very first factor that needs to be considered or reviewed if you want to lose belly fat. Strength sessions and training sessions will not be of much use if at the same time you do not follow a natural diet.

The difference between a woman with a firm, nicely structured belly and an ordinary woman lies first and foremost in the way they eat. To get perfect abs, you need to eat protein, enough vitamins (especially dairy products), vegetables (green beans, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach) and fruits (papayas, apples, strawberries, nectarines, etc.).

On the other hand, what you should avoid eating are fatty foods and or too high in sugar. By the way, here is a list of three foods that I recommend against including in your nutritious diet to have nice chocolate bars.

3 foods to avoid for having abs

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If you want to have dream abs, then you should avoid taking these 3 foods:

Pasta: the problem with pasta is that they are actually slow sugars, in other words, carbohydrates. However, these are not very recommended in slimming diets. Also, there is starch and bad fat.

Potatoes: They are also too high in sugar, carbohydrate and starch. But the sweet potato can be eaten for its high beta-carotene content which helps to keep you looking healthy.

Cereals for children: anything sweet, chemical or chocolatey. However, as a breakfast cereal, you can eat dried fruit or oats.