What to eat before your period?

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We were talking about it recently, it is common to notice weight gain before or during your period. This is normal and common to many women, but we would all like to avoid it. So, what diet to adopt before your period to limit the damage as much as possible?

Why change your diet before your period?

Because this particular period of the cycle is a time when the body has specific needs . This is how to prevent the onset of PMS, depending on its manifestations.

Water retention

The progesterone surge in the second half of the cycle causes, among other things, water retention. Also, to avoid having swollen feet and hands, miraculously: you have to drink! Of water of course, but also tea and draining herbal teas. You can easily find it in organic stores, often made from cherry stems to facilitate elimination or red vine to strengthen blood circulation.

Decline in morale

Always the same people responsible: hormones. These affect our morale and our way of seeing things. To give our body a little boost, we don’t hesitate to go out at the slightest ray of sunshine in order to synthesize vitamin D in abundance. Also consider foods rich in vitamin B9 and magnesium for a bright mood.


The tight pants, the fluid top that sticks a little too much to the skin… You are a victim of bloating. In addition to the unpleasant feeling it gives, digestive bloating can also be a source of abdominal pain. To avoid them, nothing like fibers . So choose whole grains, dried fruits and legumes.

Which foods to eat before having your period?

You now have an idea of ​​the importance of having an optimized diet to prevent PMS . Here are now in detail the foods to invite on your plate for this period.

Fruits and vegetables in the spotlight

Obviously, again and again them. “Five fruits and vegetables a day”, as we are told in the media. Fruits and vegetables are essential in the balance of our diet . Pillars of our health, they provide a large part of our recommended daily nutritional intake. Also, before your period, it is essential to properly manage your vitamin capital to be at your best.

quoi manger avant les règles, alimentation avant règles

Iron, to prevent anemia

Impossible to do without this trace element, essential for the body. All the more so with the onset of menstruation which causes blood loss that can lead to anemia, often causing great fatigue. Proteins enrich your iron capital and avoid this.

Give preference to animal proteins if possible, as they are more easily assimilated by the body. Meat and seafood on the program for you. On the other hand, if you are vegetarian / vegan, bet on vegetable proteins. Think of legumes, but also algae such as spirulina. And a square of extra dark chocolate for everyone!

Fibers, for optimal transit

To feel great before your period starts and to keep bloating as low as possible, get plenty of fiber in your diet . You will find it in particular in dried fruits, prunes, and dark chocolate (again!). Also think about complete accompaniments: pasta, rice, oats, wholemeal bread. Their consumption will prevent you in passing a spike in blood sugar compared to their refined version.

Sport, not to be neglected as part of a healthy diet

It is certainly not a question of diet , but for all that, you cannot decently bypass it. A source of well-being, physical activity will help you cope better with your period before your period.

Walking, the minimum to ensure

With our sedentary lifestyles, it’s no wonder we lack energy at the end of the cycle. So, for those who do not practice sport in their everyday life, make sure to at least walk at least 30 minutes, every day. This will help you regulate hormone spikes, and significantly reduce feelings of discomfort associated with the onset of menstruation.

Yoga, to harmonize body and mind

The idea of ​​this practice could be summed up as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. By repeating the asanas (postures), your body becomes more flexible, and the breathing exercises help to oxygenate your muscles, but also your mind. Significant advantages in order to better experience the influence of rules on your body and your mood.

HIIT: intense sport, maximum benefits

quoi manger avant les règles, alimentation avant règles

I tell you about it regularly, HIIT is ideal for building muscle and working on your cardio. The relationship with the rules? The more toned your body will be and in good shape, and the less likely you will be affected by PMS, it’s that easy! So, no more excuses, and go to the gym to discover this discipline. This will allow you to let off steam, and let go of negative thoughts to keep your morale up.

With a adapted diet and a little sport , you will live better at the end of your menstrual cycle, and will be in peak form every other day. This is the opportunity to really take control, and to stop experiencing hormonal changes. Take care of yourself and listen to your needs, your body will thank you.