How to build muscle after losing weight?

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How to build muscle after weight loss?

That’s it, you did it, you gradually (or not for that matter!) changed your eating habits, you adjusted or understood your emotions in relation to food, you stopped sugar and your kilos are melting… bravo!

Now you will have to work on building muscle and this stage of your recovery is crucial to anchor your weight loss permanently and permanently, while shaping your body to the image you want.

You’ve lost weight, you feel better about yourself, you are more confident, but you don’t yet have the body of your dreams. You finally take pleasure in taking care of your body internally by nourishing it with good things that no longer poison it and externally by doing a sport activity regularly.

Even if you’ve been losing weight for a while, change your exercise routine to build muscle without becoming a body builder with big muscles sticking out all over the place.

Here are my 3 tips to speed up your transformation and build muscle after weight loss:

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Stop cardio especially on a mat to build muscle after weight loss

It’s true, cardio on the treadmill will burn calories but it will not build your muscles, because the treadmill is assisted a lot and does not reproduce real running.

Besides, frankly, it’s boring not to spend very long time for little results in the end. The carpet, it burns blah blah calories and, in addition, it will make you hungrier. It is better to do skipping rope for example or HIIT.

Getting into a combat sport to build muscle after weight loss

A complete sport, combat sports use all the muscles in the body and all types of muscle contraction. This allows you to be more resistant, to strengthen your muscles and to work your cardio, all at the same time. Highly intensive, boxing for example is a sport that helps to lose a lot of calories, around 700 in a one hour session.

Physical preparation also involves specific weight training exercises that will improve agility, power, mobility and maintain body mass.

So I highly recommend finding a combat sport that suits you!

Strength training and load heavy to build muscle after weight loss

If combat sport isn’t your thing, then add pure weight training to your routine. Lift up and exercise on targeted parts of your body.

There is no need to spend hours on it but intensive series of weights with heavy loads over a short period will help you radically change your body shape and quickly replace fat with muscle.

Don’t be afraid to add weight training to your routine and if that doesn’t hurt (and a lot of good, of course!), you haven’t pushed your body enough.