3 vegan foods that boost endurance

How to gain endurance when you’re vegan? What should be given priority in terms of food? Here are 3 100% plant-based foods that have a particularly interesting nutritional profile for someone looking to improve their endurance.

Maca powder to improve endurance

Maca powder is a real superfood, which was widely used by the Mayans (and even long before). Very rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals, maca powder will strengthen the immune system and help prevent injuries. Be careful though, it would seem that excessive consumption of vitamin C, an antioxidant, is counterproductive in terms of endurance. It is therefore preferable not to abuse it.

A study was carried out on 8 cyclists who had been supplemented with maca powder; they all gained stamina. Although the study was carried out on a few participants, they were subjected to a maca powder intake and a placebo, and the results made it possible to highlight the link between maca powder and the ‘increased endurance.

Beetroot to improve endurance

Beetroot is an extremely interesting food for sports, and therefore also for improving endurance. Indeed, beets are rich in nitrates, and nitrates are linked to the good oxygenation of the muscle during exercise.

Beet juice will also cause vasodilation of the blood vessels, which is to say an increase in their size. The blood will therefore have more room to circulate, it will gain in fluidity. The heart and all organs will therefore be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen and the consequences will be notable in the practice of endurance sport.

Chia seeds to improve endurance

Like maca powder, chia seeds were an integral part of the diet of the Mayans as well as the Aztecs, even being used as an offering to the Gods. Their link with improving endurance stems among other things from their high content of quality fat, i.e. omega 3.

Omega 3s will increase blood flow to the muscles. They will also give more elasticity to the membranes of the red blood cells, which results in better oxygen transport (red blood cells contain oxygen and omega 3 will allow them to circulate better) and an increase in VO2MAX .

But what is also very interesting about chia seed is that it has this ability to form a gel that retains water, and which will therefore potentially improve the hydration of endurance athletes!

By consuming these 3 foods, you put all the chances on your side to gain endurance. (Recommended for real athletes trenbolon enantat kaufen) Of course, it is not enough to just eat these foods. Improved endurance and even overall physical qualities are a consequence of a healthy lifestyle and a high quality diet.

If you want more tips for getting started with vegan sports nutrition, you can download the free guide now by clicking here . If you want to start vegan bodybuilding and nutrition coaching, you can click directly here . Train with the heart, eat with the heart.