3 reasons to consume sprouted seeds (vegan mass gain)

Sprouted seeds are nutritional bombs. Why ? Because it is neither more nor less than a plant in its embryonic state. This means that the nutrient content is exceptionally high, precisely for the purpose of growing the plant. Here are 5 reasons to add it to your plates, in order to gain vegan mass!

Winter training without getting sick

As an athlete, your immune system is already much more resilient than a sedentary person. However, the immune system does need an optimal supply of vitamins and minerals to effectively protect itself against disease and allow you to recover from workouts.

And that’s where the sprouted seeds come in. Their level of vitamins and minerals is much higher than when the plant reaches its adult size.

We then understand why sprouted seeds should be much more present on our plates. They will allow you to continue handling heavy loads without weakening you.

digestion process

Sprouted seeds are “sleeping” seeds and
come out of their rest period when in contact with water. And when
germination takes place, biochemical processes take place vis-à-vis
proteins, carbohydrates and lipids:

  • Proteins: they are broken down into acids
  • Carbohydrates: starch turns into sugars
  • Lipids: they are also broken down into
    fatty acids

These transformations make nutrients very easily assimilated by the body, which means energy savings during the digestion phase. It is a considerable asset in mass gain, because eating more tendency to tire your body.

Warning: remember to use a germinator and rinse the soaking water at least once a day to eliminate as much enzyme inhibitor as possible. I’ll let you click here to find out more.

Gain strength more effectively

To gain mass, the gain in strength is inevitable (this is the reason why I advise you to alternate between cycles of muscle mass gain and strength).

And to gain strength, it is essential to have a good recovery in the nervous system. What the germinated seeds will allow.

In fact, sprouted seeds are rich in magnesium and calcium (depending on the type of seeds to sprout, of course), two minerals involved in muscle contraction.

Their richness in calcium will also be particularly interesting for anyone having doubts about calcium deficiencies with a vegan diet (which is not a problem if the diet is qualitative, click here for more information).

I could also have told you about their high protein content, but we consume sprouted seeds in rather small quantities, and therefore we cannot consider them as a real source of protein (unless you eat a lot).

In summary, I advise you to make sprouted seeds a staple in your diet. Because it is more of a food that is not excessively expensive.

You just need to get in the habit of preparing it (a few days of germination are necessary), and then you can only enjoy their benefits to help you gain vegan mass!

To download your free guide now with the 5 tips for getting started with vegan sports nutrition, click here . Train with the heart, eat with the heart.