6 exercises without equipment for a flat stomach and visible abs

Having a flat stomach is linked to the work of the abdominals. Warning: you should not only work on the abs to have a flat stomach, because it will above all be necessary to strengthen the entire body through comprehensive and intensive exercises such as squats, deadlifts, sprints, etc … But by performing these comprehensive exercises and the 6 that follow focused on the abs, the fat will disappear!

Russian twist

The Russian twist is a very effective core exercise to strengthen the abs, mainly the rectus abdominis and the obliques (the abs located on sides). To perform it you have to sit on the ground, straighten your legs and bring your hands to the right to touch the ground. Then we touch the ground on the left, and we alternate.

Throughout the exercise, only the buttocks are in contact with the ground (and of course the hands when you touch the side). Focus on rotating the torso to the side while engaging the abs (it is not the arms that should be causing the rotation).

Leg lift

To perform leg lifts, place your back on the floor, legs stretched out, tight against each other and hands under the buttocks. To do a repetition, you have to lift your legs to bring them perpendicular, then hold the descent and stop just before they touch the ground.

While performing the exercise, the legs remain straight. The descent must be particularly controlled and slowed down by the abdominal contraction.


Once again, we stand with our backs to the ground, legs straight and
tight together, with the hands under the buttocks. We lift a leg
after the other, and we alternate dynamically.

This exercise will allow you to target the lower part of the abdominals a little better.

The candle

Another very effective exercise to lose weight
fat in the belly (once again, coupled with a
full bodybuilding). Here, we will come and stand with our backs to the ground, with our legs
tight against each other and set at right angles, as in the photo.

We will then bring the legs towards you and give an impetus to raise the pelvis, so that only the upper back, arms and head are in contact with the ground. We will then control the descent and stop when the legs are square, like in the starting position.

Here there is a lot of eccentric work on the abs on the descent and it is therefore this phase that must be carried out with as much control as possible.

Crossed knee elbow

For this exercise, we will already get into a plank position: on the knees and toes, with the body sheathed (abs and buttocks contracted). Once placed, we will bring the right knee towards the left elbow, then bring the leg back to the starting position before alternating with the left knee towards the right elbow.

The exercise is not done in a dynamic but controlled manner (it is not about mountain climbers).

Square leg crunch

We stand with our backs to the ground, legs at right angles. We will then roll up the chin and the upper back to perform crunches. The goal is to aim at the ceiling with the hands, while keeping the legs fixed in a square position.

Now let’s see a routine with the 6 previous exercises:

Beginner level: do the 6 exercises with:

15 seconds of effort / 45 seconds of rest – 2 laps

Intermediate level / confirmed: do the 6 exercises with:

45 seconds of effort / 15 seconds of rest – 2 to 3 laps

Routine to do every 2 to 3 days.

Do not forget that having a flat stomach also happens on the plate. If you are vegan, you should also eat in a balanced way and with a wide variety of foods.

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