6 intensive exercises to lose weight without equipment

To lose weight, which means fat, you don’t necessarily have to work out in a weight room. Indeed, many exercises are very effective and require no equipment. Here are 7 very intensive!

The jumping jacks

We start with a fairly simple exercise, more suitable for beginners or for your warm-up (or even as an active recovery), the jumping jacks. We come to stand, legs glued together and arms glued alongside the body.

Then we will jump to spread the feet, keeping the legs straight, while bringing the arms above the head. Finally, we jump back to the starting position, bringing the arms alongside the body and the legs against each other. The exercise is always done on the tiptoes, in a dynamic manner.

Mountain climbers

The mountain climbers are a dynamic cladding exercise, in other words a cladding in movement. We come to stand on the ground, hands and feet in contact with the ground. The arms are straight and the body is aligned (head, back, buttocks and legs in the same axis). We then bring one knee in the direction of the hands in an explosive manner, then we bring it back to the starting position while bringing the opposite knee towards the hands.

Warning: if you cannot perform the movement, there is a good chance that your shoulders are not thrown enough towards the ‘before. Remember to move them forward slightly more than your hands.

The squat jump

The squat jump is the advanced version of the squat. I recommend that you already master the squat before considering the squat jump. It helps strengthen the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves) as well as the lumbar and abs.

Stand with your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart, and toes slightly outward. Descends bringing the buttocks back and arms outstretched back. Then push for a jump to come in with your body straight while bringing your arms above your head forward. Finally, land yourself by absorbing the shock as much as possible with the toes. Then put your feet flat on the ground to continue.

Half burpees

For the half burpees, we start by positioning ourselves as for starting the mountain climbers. We will then put weight on the shoulders by moving forward slightly, in order to perform a tuck jump to bring the feet towards the hands. Then we return to the starting position, also performing a tuck jump.

The sprints

Nothing complicated, everyone can run, right? Remember to use your arms well when running and to position yourself well on the tips of your feet, with your body thrown forward.


The best for last! This is the exercise by
excellence for losing weight and toning without equipment, and it is a
combination of 2 exercises that we have just seen. Sprints are also
very effective but they are to be performed outdoors, while burpees can
be done indoors.

We start by positioning ourselves and leaving as if to do a half burpee (see above). Except that in the tuck jump, we bring the feet outward from the hands to arrive with the feet flat, in a squat position. Then we come to do a squat jump (see above) and we go down to get back to the starting position, body sheathed.

How to place these 6 exercises in a session?

You can make them constitute a session as such, or place them at the end of the session.

Here’s a simple routine to do after your regular workout (if you’re not outdoors, don’t do sprints):

Beginner version : 1 round of all of these exercises, with 20 seconds of effort and 40 seconds of rest between 2 exos (ex: jumping jack 20 sec, then 40 sec rest, then mountain climber 20 sec, then 40 sec rest, etc until burpees)

Intermediate version : 1 round of all these exercises, with 30 seconds of effort and 30 seconds of rest between 2 exos (ex jumping jack 30 sec, then 30 sec rest, then mountain climber 30 sec, then 30 sec rest, etc until burpees).

Advanced version : 1 round of all of these exercises with 1min of effort for each exo and without rest between exos (ex: jumping jack 1min, then mountain climber 1min, etc. until ‘to burpees)

If you want them to be a session as such, add 1 extra round, so 2 rounds in total (ps: for the advanced version, give yourself 2min rest between 2 rounds).

These 6 exos will make you burn a maximum of calories! To find other sessions with exos without any material in order to lose weight, start your monthly vegan weight loss program now.

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