Why Fast Diets Don’t Work

Rapid weight loss, stagnation and weight gain. Basically, one thing should be understood: Fast diets don’t work, at least not in the long run. For what reason, and what to do to lose weight permanently?

Why fast diets don’t work in the long run?

Fast diets work in the short term. There is no denying that. Who hasn’t heard of someone who lost several pounds in 1 month, sometimes even in 1 or 2 weeks. It’s visible and so it gives us proof that it works.

However, who has not also heard of the famous “yoyo” effect? ​​ Clearly, because of regain all the pounds lost, or even regain more than what we had lost. It’s extremely disheartening and yet very common! But how is that explained?

If you overeat and then drastically reduce the amount of food you feed your body, you will start losing weight. But it should be understood that the body adapts to what is put to it.

It will slow down its basal metabolism, in other words its daily energy expenditure, to go into “survival” mode. In short, he will organize himself to save energy, in order to counter the weight loss which is abnormal for him.

It is a compensatory mechanism in response to calorie restriction which is completely understandable. The human body does not has not undergone much change for tens of thousands of years, that is to say at times when it was difficult to eat, unlike today when food is abundant.

So once the phase
of rapid weight loss is completed, the body will save its energy expenditure
(so it will be harder to lose weight), but it will also store more
easily the calories given to it, in case of this calorie restriction
lasts too long or if it happens again in the future.

And so the slightest deviation (which happens very often because frustration sets in) will lead to regaining the lost weight!

That’s why
that fast and extreme diets don’t work in the long run. he
always keep in mind that the body is smarter than us, we
are the result of millions of years of evolution and we cannot
go against these natural adaptations.

So how to lose weight long

A simple strategy is to increase your basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is the amount of energy the body will use each day to meet its basic needs (Nous recommandons aux sportifs https://supersteroid-fr.com/categorie/therapie-post-cycle-pct/clomid/).

Indeed, breathing,
digestion, maintaining body temperature, all these functions
require a greater or lesser amount of energy. And if we manage to increase it,
the body will draw more intensely on its own resources, that is to say on
fat mass.

And to increase your basal metabolism, weight training is a very effective solution! In addition, weight training will allow you to build muscle mass, and muscle mass requires a certain amount of energy to be maintained.

And it’s not in
doing some weight training that we will become
bodybuilder, no fear! It’s harder than there
seems to build a lot of muscle mass.

In fact, one of the
consequences of the rapid and drastic diet is a decrease in mass
muscle, which is dangerous and counterproductive (we end up losing
weight but it’s not fat, it’s muscle).

In addition to the
weight training (or another high-intensity sport, such as
sprints), the diet is also to be monitored, of course.

Rather than counting calories and necessarily trying to reduce the quantities, we can already try to play on the quality of food. That is, replacing processed foods and prepared meals with healthy, natural, whole and unprocessed foods.

As part of a
vegan diet, these are fruits, vegetables, cereals,
legumes, seeds and oilseeds.

Natural foods correspond to our physiological needs, the body knows how to recognize them and they provide all the nutrients necessary to trigger the loss of fat mass.

And you also have to look for
to lose little by little, so as not to disturb the basic metabolism. 1kg per
week is the maximum to be reached, so as not to disturb the hormones and
regain the pounds lost afterwards.

In short, you have to see the body as an intelligent whole and try to listen to it, to team up with it, rather than coming into conflict with it. It’s all about time and balance.

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