How not to fart when you become vegan?

Today, I wanted to share with you a video that is a bit special, very complicated for me to write … A little over a year and a half ago, one evening, I was at my mother’s house , and I came across a video from L214.

It seems to me that I was on Facebook or YouTube, I don’t know anymore, but it fell into the video suggestions.

This video is called: “Behind the walls of the Limoges slaughterhouse – the fetuses”. I watched this video again so I could prepare for the one you’re watching right now, and it’s kinda tricky talking to you about it because it really shocked me personally.

It shows fetuses passing on a slaughterhouse chain. These are the fetuses that are in the wombs of cows arriving at the slaughterhouse. On this chain, a man is there and cuts the placentas, cuts the cords of the fetuses and sends the fetuses to the trash. A completely legal practice. Watching this video, I took a slap. By the time I came across it, I was a vegetarian. It’s been a month since I ate meat or fish. And before this video, I felt good to be a vegetarian, to have stopped consuming meat and fish. I told myself that being a vegetarian was a great proof of love for animals, for life.

I’m just clarifying that I’m not here to judge being a vegetarian, I think you have understood from my videos that I am moving away from judgment. I’m not here to judge everyone’s choices, but I prefer to say it again, especially for this video. Today I tell you about my experience. So I was a vegetarian, I consumed cow’s milk, cheese which is produced from cow’s milk, and I came across this video where men send the young cows in the trash, little ones sometimes on the verge of to be born.

And instantly I went crazy. I know some people think L214 is not getting things done, that they are not going far enough. Everyone has their own opinion about that. And I know that personally after watching this video from L214, I went from vegetarian to vegan. Small parenthesis, it’s a bit of a misnomer nowadays when I use the word vegan, I still have a few details to sort out but I tend to be.

This video made me stop all animal products. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, honey, etc … 10 minutes after this video, I bought vitamin B12 on the internet, the only mandatory dietary supplement when you go vegan. 15min after this video, I wanted to run. It was 11pm or midnight I don’t know, but I really wanted to run.

I went to a place I know, which was not far from where my mother used to live, on the edge of a park. I went back to the scene to film this, it’s not a vintage video but I wanted to immerse you in this moment. I then started to sprint. I think I needed to evacuate everything. I needed to drain my energy, to free myself. I started to run, always harder, always faster.

I didn’t run for long, maybe ten minutes or so, but still full, stopping every now and then and then resuming. When my breath caught, I stopped, I came back and I knew deep down that I couldn’t go back after what I had seen. One or two days later, I received my B12. I was really not well for a while, for a few days. It has come down little by little, today it will be a year and a half and it has not really come down. It will never come back completely I think, but it’s very rare that I get the feeling I had back then.

The video you are watching right now is called, “How Not To Fart When You Get Ahead”. And before I give you my advice on that, let me tell you one thing: it’s okay to go crazy, it’s okay if it happens to you. I think it’s mostly normal if you’ve become one in the same context as me. For me, it would be not to blow a cable that would be abnormal. For me, it would be to remain impassive, to remain insensitive to that which would be abnormal. After that remains my opinion, maybe some people remain insensitive to it. But if the same thing happens to you as I do, that’s okay.

How to do after that, how to stop farting? Because that’s what we’re going to focus on. The first piece of advice I can give you, and this is the most brutal, maybe you won’t like it, is to get away from social media in a certain way for a little while. So I am telling you in a certain way because I will not tell you to delete your Facebook account but to interact as much as possible with the publications that hurt you, images or videos of a slaughterhouse for example, if it ever happens to you. hurts to see them.

Be careful, I’m telling you once again that you can do this if it really hurts you. If that doesn’t stop you from living, of course, interacting with these posts, share them because it’s important. But if it hurts you avoid them if possible, at least in the beginning. This is advice that is difficult to give you but it is true. It’s hard to give you because when you think about it, if the video I saw at the time hadn’t gone viral, if this video hadn’t been shared so much, I might not have seen it. , I might not have gone vegan and I might not be here telling you about it today.

But what I mean by that is if it really hurts you so much, let it rest, just give it a moment to take it all a step back. If you feel ready or ready to talk about it later, once it has cooled down a bit, do it, but let it rest for now.

It is as if you heard that someone you love had just been murdered and that every day someone told you the details of the murder, told you the circumstances of their murder. It’s very complicated to deal with this every day when you don’t take enough perspective. In addition, there is one thing to know is that social networks analyze your interactions, your clicks and will then offer you the most relevant content for you to make you spend as much time as possible online.

If you spend your time on Facebook interacting with slaughterhouse videos, with animal abuse, Facebook will automatically analyze your behavior and show you more videos in the same theme the next time you log in, because Facebook bots have figured out the type of content that keeps you online for the longest possible time. What I want you to understand here is that of course it’s important to deal with that, of course it’s important to have reality in front of your eyes and to share it to show what it’s happening … But think of you too.

If it really hurts you to look at these pictures, if it pains you deeply when you are already vegan, do you have any interest in looking at them? I know this is an extremely delicate subject that I bring up, because I would understand completely if you said to me “Yes but it is okay to see this and share it, it is to make a difference! Of course, I totally understand you. But is it good for you if it hurts you? Think about yourself a little, wait a bit for it to come down and then if you feel ready or ready, interacted with this content, share it if this way of doing things suits you.

“You must be the change you want to see in this world. »I think you have already heard this sentence from Ghandi which is used very often. And there is a deep meaning to this phrase, deeper than you might imagine.

It’s that beyond serving as a model for others, beyond wanting to be the change that we would like to see in the world, you have to do it while being in agreement with that, otherwise it will be fine. to hurt. You shouldn’t play a role when you want to change things, you shouldn’t do it just because you want it to change, you have to do it because it corresponds exactly with your feelings, your emotions, your vision of the world.

You have to be the change you want to see in the world, it has to resonate with you. And like I was telling you, after that waiting time, after you’ve gone vegan, when it’s back down, you’re going to step back and see the world differently. At that point, naturally, you’re going to do things that suit you. You will be the change you want to see in the world.

And of course it depends on each one, personally it took me a 5 min video to completely change my diet but it depends on each one. And before that, I had read a few books and watched a few documentaries. But here I am really talking to you about the day you decide to become truly vegan and it follows a shock that you had after seeing or reading something.

Then the second piece of advice I’m going to give you is to avoid telling your loved ones if possible, except of course if they are vegetarians or vegan. But if your parents are insensitive to it, it will reinforce your hatred to talk to them about it because the chances are they will not go your way.

It’s very difficult to talk about something that goes against someone else’s values. I don’t want to go into a sociology or psychology discourse, you know that the main themes of my channel are training and vegan nutrition, but if that can help you, I will share what I learned next reading some books on spirituality and meditation. What I learned from these books is that each human being has their own view of the world, their own way of interpreting the world. If you watch this video a few weeks after its release, check out the comments I was left with. Everyone will express something different, each in their own way of seeing the world.

And now try to think about it: 43,000 videos are watched every second on YouTube. 43,000 every second. If we admit that these 43,000 videos are watched by 100 people at the same time, which is really a low range, that gives us 4,300,000 people, or 4,300,000 different interpretations of the world per second. And of course we are only on YouTube, because we can very simply say that there are 7.5 billion different visions of the world on the planet, at the same time. Of course, I’m not talking about animals, but of course they also have their own view of the world, their way of interpreting the world and their personality.

Each of us has our own way of seeing the world, each of us with our own filter. If you talk to someone else about your new way of seeing the world, it’s not necessarily a problem, but they are unlikely to understand because they don’t have the same tools as you. does not have the same sensitivity, he has not had the same experiences as you and he does not have the same filter. And with your family, it’s probably worse. We are still told every day that veganism is dangerous, that it leads to deficiencies, etc … And your family’s role is to protect you. So you can’t really blame them.

They just maybe don’t have the info you have or they’ll never be able to see the world as you see it, either because they don’t want to see it, they prefer to ignore it. reality or either because they will simply not have the same opinion as you on certain things. Instead, try telling your friends about it, or maybe on the Internet. It seems a bit contradictory to what I was telling you before, when I told you to stay away from social networks, but I am not interacting with content, with posts, but rather with people.

There are groups on Facebook and probably associations in your town too, and you can always try if that helps. Personally I know I’m very lonely about this, I don’t need anyone, I need to make my own thoughts instead, but if it can help you talk around you, and if possible talk to people who have been vegan for a long time and who have a minimum of perspective, who can really help you.

Then the third and last piece of advice I’m going to give you is to put your energy into sport if you don’t worry yet. I know that sport has helped me immensely. In fact, playing sports has a double advantage: you will already free yourself from your negative energy, you will de-stress and then you will break the clichés that exist between sport and veganism.

Which means you’ll be helping yourself as much as helping others who find it hard to believe that it is possible. It will help you take a step back from everything you just saw, from your change in diet. Of course, if you start to exercise more by going vegan, take your diet seriously. I am not telling you that you are going to become deficient, I am simply telling you that there is an adaptation time which is more or less long depending on each one.

But exercising can really help you release your anger. I know it’s very complicated to live with, I know it makes you want to screw it up, but try to put that energy into things that will get you going. The energy you put into sport will allow you to become stronger, more resilient, to think better. Sometimes I’m really angry, as I told you we can’t always be well, always keep a step back, but the days when that happens I try if possible to take advantage of it to put myself in a workout session. . I know this is something positive, because it will put me in perspective and it will allow me not to waste my energy unnecessarily.

I’ll leave you with 3 tips on that. Hope this helps you or other people. Never forget that you are not alone. See you next time. Train with the heart, eat with the heart. The free guide to getting started with vegan sports nutrition can be downloaded by clicking here . For distance coaching, you can click here.